Dr. Charles Pascal

Dr. Charles E. Pascal

“Your website reflects the kind of teamwork expected of the ECE/Teacher partnership. Founded on mutual respect for the equal and complementary gifts that each of you brings to the sandbox, you are creating something bigger than the the sum of these gifts for the sake of the kids. Your understanding of genuine play-based, curiosity driven pedagogy is also critical to the future success of the children. Your leadership is inspiring”
Charles E. Pascal
Applied Psychology & Human Development
OISE/University of Toronto
Former Special Early Learning Advisor to the Premier of Ontario

* Thank you Dr. Pascal for your continued support to the educators of Ontario, and for offering this quote, your support only strengthens our passion and learning going forward!

It is with thanks and sincere appreciation we dedicate this portion of our website to Dr. Charles Pascal, his hard work and his dedication to the Early Years and his recommendations and insight into Ontario’s Full Day Kindergarten initiative.

As Full Day Kindergarten in Ontario continues to phase in to every school across the province, the vision for this program becomes clearer. This portion of the website has been inspired by, and will reflect, the extensive, brilliant work of Dr. Charles Pascal. We have had the honor of hearing Dr. Pascal speak on a couple of occasions. His genuine support and his passion for the Early Years, the Full Day Kindergarten program, and its overall potential for the young child is both motivating and inspiring.

Dr. Charles Pascal was chosen in 2007 as a Early Years Special Advisor on Early Learning to Premier, Dalton McGuinty, to share his vision for the the implementation of the Full Day Kindergarten Program for 4 and 5 year olds. Dr. Charles Pascal and other leading professionals in the early years field created this document With Our Best Future in Mind.

Please take a look at Dr. Charles Pascal’s biography and website entitled “Home Plate” that shares his extensive, extraordinary understanding and expertise in the Early Years and it is with this incredible background of knowledge he created a report entitled “With Our Best Future in Mind” to lead our child care settings and education system into the future.

Dr. Charles Pascal Biography

We would like to share with all visitors to our website an amazing father- daughter conversation about public education and how we need to listen more carefully to our children and our students. “Too Far From Perfect” was written by Tai Notar Pascal and her father Dr.Charles E. Pascal. After hearing Dr. Charles Pascal speak to a group of Early Childhood Educators in March of 2013, it was clear how proud he was of daughters hard and insight. For more information about this book please visit;