Classroom Resources

Every Full Day Kindergarten Program is different, and should reflect the children and both educators in the classroom. The room should feel like an extension of home for children and educators (this mind set will help you to choose colours you may want to paint on bulletin boards etc.). Each September should begin as a “clean slate”. Natural colours, natural resources and light. It will be the learning, the inquiries, and the children’s creations that will document the learning experiences throughout the year and decorate your room.

A classroom resource list could include;
– plants
– baskets
– table cloths
– curtains (if needed)
– fabrics and materials throughout – cozy corners, reading nooks etc
– natural stones
– mirrors
– candles (battery operated from dollar store work well)
– reflective stones
– ribbon
– washable placemats- for creative and/or sensory experiences
– outdoor materials- pine cones, acorns, branches etc (please keep in mind any allergies present in your room to maintain safety of all children)
– framed pictures of children and educators with their families (adds comfort and sense of belonging)
– recycled materials for all-purpose use and creativity within play (toilet rolls, bottle corks, pop can tabs…the options are endless)
– when ordering manipulatives, toys etc, choose natural! (wooden blocks, stainless steel kitchen utensils), not to eliminate plastic completely, but make “real” choices.
This list could go on endlessly! Please try and work alongside your teams next door or within your school, do not get doubles of everything, share resources!! This will make storage and clutter more manageable in each room.
* These materials and resources may or may not be covered by your start up budget, if you are buying with your own money, please take it slow…you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to have it all in September, connect with your local community establishments, garage sales and build on what you have slowly.
* Pinterest has fabulous ideas shared by Educators everywhere: keywords- “Reggio classrooms”